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River is a pure-bred Quarter Horse and she came to us in the summer of 2021. She was skin-and-bones and in need of some good love, attention, and groceries. We were told she was 16, but after the vet came out, it was determined she is in her mid to late 20’s. She was an immediate favorite of all the kids (and us), but unfortunately she had a rough start getting integrated into our herd. After multiple months of trying, she finally was accepted and quickly became the “mom” of the herd (top mare). She is the sweetest horse we have with the most goofy neigh you’ve ever heard!

We are so thankful she joined us almost 2 years ago and always look forward to the love and joy she willingly gives to all who come out.


Sterling is a 12-year-old Palomino Arabian. He was born on Laura’s friend’s property and Laura was able to name him. The Pfeiffer’s couldn’t have any more horses at the time and so he was sold as a weanling.

Unfortunately, Sterling ended up in some very bad hands in his early years. Thankfully, though, he was found being sold online in Arizona and with the help of Laura’s best friend, he was rescued by the ranch. He was so terrified of huyman contact when he first came to the ranch, but after a year of being able to be a horse and be loved, his personality just beamed.

He is a clown, very easy-going, and such a lovable guy! Because of his checkered past and the building up of the ranch, his training has taken a back seat. This year we hope to get him re-started under saddle and eventually have him ready to be a part of the RSR herd (officially).


Rudy was the name given to this 7-year-old BLM mustang from the Tilly Creek HMA (Herd Management Area) in Utah. He was named by one of our ranch friends who won the naming raffle at one of our fundraising BBQs. She named him Rudy, short for Rudolph, because Rudolph was the reindeer that dealt with being bullied by the other reindeer, but ended up leading Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. The lady who got the chance to name him also runs a non-profit called Peer Kindness that helps kids who are dealing with being bullied in school.

Rudy arrived at the ranch from Arizona, along with Calista, for some additional training. We all fell in love with his small stature and huge heart, so he is here to stay! This guy has a kind soul and a sweet and quiet disposition. He’s curious and a great thinker; he just wants to please. He absolutely adores kids, so we have high hopes for him once he is trained.


Cali, as she’s affectionately known around the ranch, is a 19-year-old Palomino Paint/Arab cross. She is Sterling’s momma and even has some of the same goofy personality traits. She also came to the ranch from Arizona. She used to be shown in her younger years and has even been trained to drive a cart (Maybe one day we will get a horse-sized cart and drive her in the parades!). In the last few years she has been primarily a trail horse, so we are re-introducing her to arena work. She loves attention and kids.


Rio is a 24-year-old Bay, Roan Arabian/pony cross. He is the first pony we had here at RSR. He moved here with the Pfeiffer’s specifically to help with the ranch because he had so much training! This boy knows what he wants and is determined to do just that! The first couple years of camp he wasn’t used often. However, the last couple years we used him more because he began to relax and enjoy the attention he got when being chosen. This boy still expects a rider with confidence and he is guaranteed to grow the rider’s confidence and ability.


Poco is a 24-year-old black and white Paint. This boy is our herd leader and is not afraid of anything, yet he is also one of our most sensitive horses on the ranch! Poco came to RSR as a birthday present for Laura almost a year after the Pfeiffer’s moved to Colorado. The last couple of years he joined the RSR herd as one of the horses used in our intermediate camps. He used to be a part of 4H and loved to jump fences, however, these days he prefers the slower pace and truly loves being pampered.


Cruiser is the taller of the 2 Miniature Horses at the ranch. He’s 24 years old and was Laura’s very first mini. At the time, she didn’t own a truck and/or horse trailer, so he was trainied to ride in the backseat of her Oldsmobile Royale 88 car! Laura would take him in stores, parks, and everywhere else she could think of. Clearly, he was destined to be used to bring joy to others from the start! Cruiser pulls a cart and gives pony rides to younger/smaller kids that come to the ranch. He is practically like a dog and was (and still is) the perfect companion.


Gio is the smallest and youngest horse at the ranch. He is a 9-year-old Miniature Horse. He is full-grown and will not get any bigger. This guy may be little in height, but he has a very big personality! He loves to play and run. Joyful is the best description for him because he brings laughter and smiles to every child that has the privilege to work with him in a mentor session.